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About Us

Live Life Green was born from our concern with the world our children were growing up in. Climate change, pollution, deforestation are issues we're all facing today, but unless we act now, these issues will be even more devasting by the time our children are adults. We don't want for them to be living in a world where orangutans are extinct, there's more plastic in the ocean than fish and climate related natural disasters are the norm. 

eco babe 3

The littlest Eco Babe watching the recycling.

Sure there is growing awareness of these issues and we truly believe that the majority of people care and want to do the right thing by our Earth. Some people just aren't aware the issues exist, some are aware of the issues but don't know what to do about it, and some simply can't afford to make the more environmentally friendly choice. All of these things are ok, there's no judgement from us, we've all got different things going on and we're all at different stages of  the journey. That's why we're here. To bring more attention and awareness to the issues our environment. To remove the confusion surrounding eco products and whether they're as ethical as they're made out to be. To alleviate the actual and perceived financial barriers to purchasing environmentally sound products.

Wow what a mammoth task I hear you think! And it is. But securing the future of our environment for our kids and the next generation of wee babes is soooo worth the effort! This is how we put our words into action:








  • Live Life Green regular publications on a variety of environmental topics to help create awareness surrounding important issues
  • Sustainable Living Aus Facebook Group - all are welcome (not just customers!) and is a supportive place for people to ask questions, share information and encourage each other on our journeys to a more sustainable existence no matter where we each are on the journey
  • Each individual product and business is thoroughly researched screened before we commit to stocking them
  • ALL products are PALM OIL FREE
  • ALL products are CRUELTY FREE
  • ALL products are TOXIN FREE so you can be certain none of our products will do you or the environment any harm. 
  • In addition to our strict ingredients policy, we're just as tough on a business's ethics. If their values don't align with ours or if there's dodgy behaviour going on anywhere along their supply chain they're out.
  • This saves you the time and confusion of trying to decipher the green washing. Any product stocked at Live Life Green is 100% safe for you, your family, the environment and the employees of the businesses we stock.
  • Our Lowest Price Every Day Promise and Price Beat Guarantee mean you can be assured you're getting the best possible value
  • Coming soon is our Live Life Green branded product lines. High quality eco-friendly goods, and by removing the distributor and the wholesaler means we can offer these at the lowest possible price so everyone can afford to be eco

We hope that by doing all of this we can play a part in reducing pollution, reducing toxic chemicals in the environment and reducing unsustainable business practices to give ours and all kids future environmental security. Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Let's make it a green one!

eco babe 1

The oldest Eco Baby saving a lady bug from being squished at the park.