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Dental Lace

Dental Lace's Story

At work one day, I was flossing my teeth after lunch when the thought crossed my mind that someone should make a prettier floss container. Fast forward 15 years and that is what I set out to do. Then I found out about all the plastic waste: for every person in the U.S. who flosses their teeth according to ADA recommendations, just the empty floss dispensers alone would fill a landfill the size of a football field six stories high. I went from creating pretty floss containers to embarking on a mission to eliminate plastic dental floss.

I have no background in business; I just started talking and researching. I retired from my job as a school librarian and devoted my time and energy to getting Dental Lace off the ground. I am grateful for the support of my family, friends and the Cape Elizabeth, Maine community for all of their help in my journey from school librarian to entrepreneur. From neighbors helping with product assembly to the many resources my local library has made available, it truly has been a community effort.

Why we stock Dental Lace

Dental Lace is refillable and 99% zero waste. It's housed in a glass container with a stainless-steel cap and the floss is 100% Mulberry silk. The refill bags are certified compostable and the boxes are 100% post-consumer paperboard. The container can be re-used, the bags composted, the boxes recycled and the floss biodegrades. The only waste is the waterproof label on the container, which stays on the reusable container. The amount of thought that has gone into not just the physical product but the packaging as well is inspiring. Another product that we use ourselves regularly at home. Mark and I have both found that as the silk floss is grippier than plastic based floss, we need less of it to get the same result = super value!