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Elements Jewellery

Elements Jewellery

Elements Jewellery's Story

Beverley Whip began creating jewellery after searching for natural Australian jewellery that was not only made in Australia but also 100% sourced in Australia.  The jewellery industry is typified by lifeless, meaningless, mass-produced products manufactured by machines - this was not Beverley's idea of something that evokes tender emotions the way that beautiful jewellery design should. She was looking for something different to wear which was organic, natural and was visually handcrafted... something that reflected who she was as a person and her values and respect for the beauty Australia has to offer.

A lot of ancient philosophers around the world classify the composition of the universe into 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (space). We base our designs on these elements to bring us closer to nature.

Ancient civilisations in all parts of the world have been aware of nature - not distracted by television, but spent time to feel the solid earth underneath their feet, to watch the flowing river. They felt the touch of the breeze, the warmth and comfort of the fire and understood the importance of the light of the sun. 

When observing nature, we can see these five energies alive in our environment. We, as human beings, have a great connection with these five elements simply because we are made of them. We are genetically programmed to find trees, plants, water and other natural elements engrossing; we are fascinated by nature.

At Elements Jewellery, we believe it is these natural elements that connect us to our true human selves, and that when we are connected to these elements with our senses, true physical and emotional wellbeing occurs. That is why we utilise the elements provided by Mother Nature in this huge expanse of beautiful country that we call Australia - or home - in designing and creating every single piece.

Why we stock Elements Jewellery

You can just sense the love and passion that goes into each piece of jewellery that Beverley makes. They are beautiful and timeless. We love her business ethic too! All materials are sourced wholeheartedly in Australia using honest, ethical and sustainable practices. Elements Jewellery support and utilise family owned and operated businesses here in Australia as well as many other Australian businesses and craftsmen. Completely plastic free.