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AGH! There was plastic packaging in my order! What's the go with that?

Don't worry we hate plastic packaging as much as you do. When ordering from our suppliers we always request that they don't use any plastic packaging, but inevitably makes its way to us. If there was plastic packaging in your order it's reused, which we think is better than just chucking it straight in the bin. Some plastic packaging can be recycled through Red Cycle. Please see their website for more info. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

We aim to send your order as soon as possible. Once it leaves our warehouse, hopefully the delivery person gets it to you equally as quickly. Standard is that orders should be received within 10 business days. For more information please see our Delivery, Shipping & Returns Policy

Can I return a product if I change my mind?

Sure. We get that sometimes it's hard to know if a product will be right for you when ordering online. For more information please see our Delivery, Shipping & Returns Policy.

What brands do you stock?

A full list of the brands we stock and why we stock them can be found here.

What's your stance on palm oil?

This is such a minefield and it's something we debated at great length. At this point in time we are a 100% palm oil free store. This includes palm oil and any ingredients derived from palm. Very rarely is palm oil listed clearly on an ingredients label. If often hides itself under common names like glycerin, tocopherol (vitamin E) or vegetable oil. There have been many emails back and forward to verify sources of ingredients in all the products we stock. All products were verified palm oil free at the time they were loaded. Occassionally, companies change their recipes and new ingredients are added and they are under no obligation to tell us if they do. We monitor our products and ingredients regularly for any changes and offending products are removed immediately.

But what about sustainable palm oil?

Good question! And like we said, it's a minefield! We don't doubt that there are some producers out there farming palm oil sustainably. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that so much rainforest is being cleared for plantations and animals are facing extinction, palm would be a reasonable choice. It is the highest yielding vegetable oil crop. It needs less than half the amount of land to produce the same amount of oil as other vegetable oil crops (soyabean, canola etc). It uses comparatively little fertiliser and pesticide in its farming. It creates employment and therefore helps alleviate poverty in some of the world's poorest country. However, we're just not convinced that the palm oil labelled 'sustainable' is actually sustainable. Until we can guarantee that the palm oil used in a product isn't contributing to deforestation then we have chosen to exclude palm containing products from our store. If you're interested you can read more on 'sustainable' palm oil here.

We not against palm oil per se, we're against deforestation to make way for palm plantations.

Have any of the products you stock been tested on animals?

Nope. No way. Not at all ever. We individually confirmed this with each company before we commited to stocking their products. If it's not safe enough to be tested on humans then it's got no place in our store.

I'm concerned about SLS and other toxins. How do I know your products are safe?

One of our co-owners, Vicki, has personally read through every single ingredients list of every single product you see listed in our store. Not only did she carefully screen them for palm oil derivatives and animal testing she also screened them for potentially toxic or harmful ingredients too. If there wasn't enough information available to be assured of an ingredient's safety, then it was out. For a full list of excluded ingredients please see here.

What is 'greenwashing'?

 In short, greenwashing makes a company appear to be more environmentally friendly than they really are. It could be something like a business saying they're concerned about the environment so they recycle but then package their products in unnecessary amounts of plastic. Or saying their product is palm oil free, but then using toxins instead. We genuinely believe customers care about the environment and want to make ethical choices don't know where to start and it just becomes all too hard. We get it! We've been guilty of the same! This was half the reason we started Live Life Green, because we found it challenging to know what were the right choices to make and thought there had to be an easier way. We've done all the hard work and research for you so that you know that any product purchased from Live Life Green is safe for your bodies and safe for the world.

You say there's no greenwashing but some of your products are packaged in plastic...

Yep, you're right. There is no perfect product that ticks every single box, so we've made a conscious effort to source the best there is and this means that some products are plastic packaged. We are working with those companies to try and help them with better packaging solutions. If purchasing plastic free is important to you, you will find a range of options in our Plastic Free section. We also have a Minimal Plastic section. We acknowledge it can be time consuming and expensive for businesses to find alternatives to traditional plastic packaging (we also think the benefits to the environment are worth it!). We want to encourage businesses in the process of making this change which is why we also have a minimal plastic section. The products in this section are primarily packaged in glass or cardboard but may just have a plastic lid or small plastic tag holding the packaging together. In the mean time, we collect used beauty products packaging and oral care items and send them to Terra-Cycle for recycling. You can find more information on our recycling program here.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! And we're super proud of it! Live Life Green have partnered with Terracycle to reduce the amount of beauty products packaging going to landfill. Terracycle is an innovative company that processes and recycles hard to recycle waste. Inspired by the Containers for Change program that recently launched in Qld, for every eligible container that's returned to the Live Life Green Headquarters, we'll credit your account with 10 cents. See our Recycling page for more info. 

10 cents? I can't even buy a used tissue for 10 cents! Why would I bother?!

For the same reason lots of people bother collecting their cans and bottles and taking them to recycling collection points. Every container returned adds up to more money in your pocket and less packaging in landfill. Unlike other recycling programs, we're funding this out of our own pocket, we don't know too many businesses that would be dedicated enough to do that.

Anyway, I actually meant do you have a rewards program where I earn points for purchases?

No. Everyone has a rewards program these days, and maybe it's commercial suicide to not have one? But Live Life Green exists for the benefit of you, the environment and our world, not for the figures on our sales reports. We believe that rewards programs encourage consumption for consumption's sake, rather than consumption based on meeting needs. Excessive consumption is just not something that we can support as it leads to environmental degradation and resource loss. Yes we might have a healthier balance sheet if we had a purchase based membership program, but it's more important to us to make a healthier decision for the environment.

Do you do anything instead of a membership rewards program?

Yes! Of course we want to say thankyou to our beautiful customers for supporting us. By choosing to purchase from us it says that you support our values and it gives us hope for the world our children will grow up in! We believe in rewarding customers for supporting our values every day, not just when they've purchased/consumed a certain amount to be able to earn a certain reward. Customers are thanked every day with our commitment to Lowest Prices Every Day. We want to myth-bust the assumption that eco = expensive. We want environmentally friendly, ethical choices to be affordable for the majority and therefore become people's first choice. We also offer our Price Beat Guarantee so you can be assured we're doing everything we can to make quality eco affordable. 

So how are you any different from other eco-stores? Why should I shop here?

Live Life Green started from a concern we had about the world our children would grow up in. We don't want our children growing up where natural disasters from climate change, mass extinction of species and rampant pollution are the norm. We're about changing the world not selling a product. Our primary focus is on education, as it's from being aware of the issues and educated about them that people are then inspired to create change. Our online store provides solutions to some of these consumption issues we face. We acknowledge that everyone's at different stages of their journey, and that's ok. This is why we created a Browse By Values section, so that customers can choose to support the values most important to them.

Small, individually owned businesses and social enterprises are hugely important to us. There are some talented, passionate individuals out there that make some amazing things. Small businesses are typically less wasteful with resources, their products generally don't have as far to travel which reduces transport based emissions and they generally in turn support other small businesses, all of which makes the world a better place. Social enterprises by their nature are proactive about enacting change in the world and that's something we're passionate about and love supporting. 

We ship our products using only re-used, recycled or compostable packaging.

We offer Every Day Low Price promise and Price Beat Guarantee so that customers are assured they're getting the best value possible. 

We have strict business ethics and policies of no animal testing, toxin free and palm oil and palm oil derivative free.

Our guiding philosophy is this Native American proverb - 'we won't inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. We want to return the world to our children in a better state then we got it in.