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Hanami's Story

I’ve always had a love for cosmetics, ask anyone who has witnessed me move house, and they’ll tell you that helping me pack up my collection of makeup in the bathroom is one of their most stressful life events to date.

Around 5 years ago I committed to buying only 100% ‘truly’ cruelty free & vegan products, and after searching high and low for replacements of my old trusty department store brands, I felt frustrated and bitter with the amount of products on the market that were:

* full of toxic chemicals
* owned by parent companies who test on animals
* contained palm oil (listed as one or many of it's 200 names)
 * came in shades and colours only my grandma would wear (grams, you’ve always looked amazing, it’s just not for me, love ya)

    It was obvious that there was a gap in the market. I waited for it to be filled, but there’s only so long a girl can wait for amazing lip colour- and so in early 2016 I put pen to paper and decided to do it myself!

    HANAMI is for anyone who wants to live a kind life with style, and on trend colour!  I want to show you that you can get amazing natural cosmetics that are going to give you the results you’d expect from a commercial brand - whilst being kind to your health, to animals, and to the environment at the same time.

     Animal testing is cruel, and so unnecessary, and we want to see it end in our lifetime. HANAMI proudly donates $1 from every purchase on our website to Humane Research Australia (HRA), a non-profit organisation that challenges the use of animals in experiments and promotes the use of more humane and scientifically valid non-animal methods of research.

    Why we stock Hanami

    Cruelty free, palm oil free, beautiful colour, donates to a charity they're passionate about. We only have the Hanami Blushes in stock at the moment. I love Hanami and have used it myself previous but we need to do some more research into their ingredients before we stock the rest of their products. In the mean time we're satisfied that their beautiful blushes meet our strict ingredients standards.