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Live Life Green & Terracycle Recycling Program

Earn store credit by recycling your beauty packaging & oral care products!

Who is Terracycle?


Terracycle is an innovative company that specialising in recycling things that can't be recycled through your household bin. They've found recycling solutions for almost every form of waste. Plastic waste that's collected is turned into plastic pellets that are then moulded into a variety of new products like benches, picnic tables and playgrounds. 

How does the Live Life Green/Terracycle Recycling Program work?

  1. Recycle what can be recycled through your normal household recycling. 
  2. In an old postage box, collect any eligible Terracycle items that can't be household recycled. Make sure they're empty and you rinse them out first! See here for a full list of eligible containers.
  3. Once your box is full, package it and send it to:

               Live Life Green Recycling

               C/O River Heads Pharmacy

               4/52-54 Ariadne St

               River Heads

               Qld 4655

Once we've received your box we will sort it and credit your Live Life Green $1 for each eligible item returned. When we have a full container, we'll send it to Terracycle for recycling For each unit of recyclable material that Terracycle receives for us, they donate to a cause/non-profit group of our choice. To make sure the love is shared, we change our nominated charity regularly.

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 Other ways to recycle

If you know of a way to recycle something that's not listed here, please email to let us know and we'll be sure to include it!

Item How to recycle it How it's recycled
Batteries Can be dropped into any Battery World store We've contacted Battery World to find out
Computer equipment - desktops, laptops, computer mice, monitors, printers, scanners, multifunction printers, keyboards, computer power supplies, printed circuit boards, motherboards, network cards, disks and CD drives Save and delete any personal information and documents from your device. Drop your item to any of the Office Works stores listed here.
EPIRBs Can be dropped into any Battery World store
We've contacted Battery World to find out
Ink & Toner Cartridges Can be dropped into any Office Works store.
Old clothes & textiles Take any clothes from any brand in any condition to the garmet collecting box at the cash register.  H&M's recycling partner I:CO sorts the items into 3 categories:

sort the contains into three categories:

·      Rewear — clothing that can be worn again will be sold as second-hand clothes.

·      Reuse — old clothes and textiles will be turned into other products, such as cleaning cloths.

·      Recycle — everything else is turned into textile fibres and used for things like insulation.

Yoga Mats

You will be sent a return label for your old mat when you purchase a LovEarth mat. You can also drop off your old mat at a collection point at any time. If there's no collection point near you, post your old mat to Live Life Green Recycling PO Box Hervey Bay Qld 4655.

LoveEarth donates and repurposes old yoga mats in a number of ways including 'living rough' kits and animal shelters.