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Wander & Find Natural Skin Care

Wander & Find’s Story

The obsession with organic and all natural skincare came about because of different events that have happened over the years. These events have taught us that what we put on our skin matters. And this is why we love what we have created and we are excited to share it with you.

With age we noticed our skin was changing -  skin that had always been sensitive had become a lot more so, and was suddenly very dry, flaky and itchy. After trying most products from designer to prescription, across the following years, we discovered fragrances, sulphates and the huge range of chemicals that are added to most products could make sensitive skin worse. So we began to look for natural alternatives.

With motherhood we became more aware of the chemicals in our environment, babies and children have such soft sensitive skin and a lot of todays creams and detergents can be a source of irritants to our Little Adventurers.

Wander & Find was born from a beautiful obsession - an obsession with the goal to create a skincare range for people with sensitive and damaged skin. Products that help repair, replenish and reveal your natural beauty. 

Our range is hand-crafted in Hervey Bay using luxurious organic ingredients without the chemicals - at an affordable price.

Why we stock Wander & Find

I first met Karina at our local markets and was immediately blown away by her knowledge and passion. With 2 young kids, looking after my own skin hadn’t been a priority for a long time and it was starting to show. She sent me home with a Cleanse Oil, Lumina Cream and a Serum. Within just a couple of days my skin condition had noticeably improved. As with all of the products we stock, Wander & Find's skin care range is all natural but I am in awe of the amount of research that goes into every single ingredient in each product. Each ingredient has been included for a specific purpose. For such high quality skin care, they're excellent value too. A bottle of Cleanse Oil lasts me around 6 months of daily use, which works out to be less than a dollar a week! We also use the Soothe Our Skin Balm, Exfoliant, Baby Oil and Pre-Shave regularly at home all with equally amazing results. Amazing product aside, Karina is also gives back to her local community, just another reason to love Wander & Find. Karina supports the Terracycle Beauty Products recycling program at her local pharmacy by rewarding regular recyclers with free Wander & Find product. I just can't rave about her products enough, it's without a doubt the best skin care I've used.