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senda bamboo lunch box
senda essentials bamboo lunch box
Senda Essentials

Senda Essentials - Bamboo Lunchbox

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The perfect lunch-box for on the go. The Senda Essentials bamboo lunch box is large enough to carry a meal that will keep you going all day, but small enough it doesn't take up unnecessary space in your bag. If you prefer to graze rather than eat a large meal, pair the Senda Essentials lunch box up with some beeswax wraps for a yummy zero-waste lunch. Thoughtfully designed to ensure that the Senda Essentials cutlery set fits perfectly inside. We suggest keeping this one in your bag with you all the time, that way if you're ever caught out having lunch on the go you won't need to rely on a plastic container!
  • Made of biodegradable bamboo fibre and cornstarch. They're designed to stand the test of time, but are home compostable when the end of their life is reached. Just remove the silicone seal and elastic from the lid.
  • Sustainably sourced organic bamboo
  • BPA free
  • SGS certified
  • 700ml capacity
  • 20 x 11 x 6.5 cm

Care Instructions

Your lunchbox is made from natural materials and should be looked after with care. Bamboo fibre box is dishwasher friendly. The bamboo lid is not dishwasher friendly and should not be soaked to avoid bamboo warping. Do not use in the microwave or oven. We recommend wiping the lid occasionally with vegetable oil to protect bamboo and maximize its lifespan. Do not open your box by pulling the strap. This may result in damage. Your lunchbox is not suitable for carrying liquids

Senda’s motives are for the overall betterment of our home, the Earth. They work towards spreading plastic awareness and offer solutions to sustainable travel. Whilst also in support of the NGO Sea Movement located in Siargao, Philippines to whom they have pledged to donate 10% of profits to help in their own battle protecting their island. Senda work towards spreading plastic awareness and offer solutions to sustainable travel. 

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